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On opening day, 202 U.S. Representatives signed the discharge petition for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, setting a record for the most signatures in a single day.

You can see if your Representative has signed the discharge petition here
(presented in order of signature).

If your Representative has signed the discharge petition, please use our action center
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If your Representative has NOT signed, use our action center to urge them to sign today.

CWA Resources

CWA-Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act 2021
Questions and Answers on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors
Wake Up America: Know Where Your State Stands on Abortion


Public Support

More than 3/4ths suppor protecting children who survive abortiont

In Their Own

Planned Parenthood,, Governer Ralph Northam, Del Kathy Tran admit their agenda

Penny Nance

Stop Abortion Extremism in Virginia Rally

Denise Cappuccio

Stop Abortion Extremism in Virgnia Rally

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